Helleborus xhybridus

Lenten Rose

Lenten rose forms clumps that are 18 to 24 inches tall and 24 inches wide. Long lasting flowers are available in many colors and appear as single or double forms. Mature plants often have 50 or more flowers per plant. The leaves are divided into 7 to 9 segments and look like coarse leathery umbrellas.

18 to 24 inches
18 to 24 inches
Flower Color
White, Yellow, Pink, Red, Blue, Purple, Salmon, Mixed
Foliage Color
Dark Green
USDA Hardiness Zone 4-9
Interesting Notes
Lenten roses can be the stars of the early spring garden as specimen plants, massed to function as a foil for other spring beauties and may even be used as an elegant ground cover. Later in the season the foliage is an impressive garden compliment that provides year round interest. A rainbow of colors aptly describes the flowers of the present day hellebore garden hybrids. Flower colors range from pure white to a plum color bordering on black. Others are red, pink, yellow, and several with small to large blotches on the inside of the flowers. Lenten rose is not part of the salad buffet for foraging deer. 2005 Perennial Plant of the Year.

Growing and Maintenance Tips
Lenten roses are easily grown in well-drained humus-rich and fertile garden soil. They are tough plants that only require occasional watering after they become established plantings. Foliage remains evergreen in most areas of North America. If the leaves look a little tattered after the winter simply cut them off as the new foliage emerges in the spring.

Characteristics & Attributes

  • Border
  • Mass planting
  • Container
  • Evergreen
Wildlife Features
  • Deer resistant
Soil Moisture Needs
  • Well drained
Seasons of Bloom
  • Early spring
Sun Exposure
  • Light shade - 8 hours intermittent or dappled sun
PPOY™ Recipient: 2005